Having the Guts to Take a Chance on Yourself

As an entrepreneur, I can attest to the fact that it’s certainly not an easy road.  Not for the faint of heart or for the one who likes the direction and stability of a 9-5.  the mind of a self starter operates quite differently than those who enjoy the daily structure of a 9-5 position.

I always considered myself to be self starter.  I tried a few different ventures with some success.  I think my biggest challenge as a young start up was realizing the actual work ethic that went into making anything work on your own.

As a mid twenties something kid I think I believed that being self employed would be more glamourous.  Being your own boss and making your own decisions.

Buzzwords in the entrepreneur world like the Tim Ferris best seller 4 Hour Work Week was all too alluring for me.  I believed that I could actually pull this off and make a good living doing it.   I actually haven’t read the book but I do follow Tim’s podcasts and have his books on my “to do” list.

But going back to becoming your own boss.  Since stepping away from the confines of the cubicle some four years ago I haven’t looked back.  The stability of a government job plus all the benefits is quite tempting.

You go into work at 8am and clock out 5.  Take your hour lunch with coworkers and enjoy your weekends.

But the self starter doesn’t have those luxuries.  You seem here it is Saturday morning and I’ve been at my computer since 6:30am hammering away at my keyboard.  There’s so much to be done and so little time to get it all finished it seems.

But this is what it takes to succeed.  A four hour day isn’t even in the possibilities for me right now.  Much less the four hour week!

My goals and standards for myself where much higher than what the corporate or government job could provide.  Being held back not only creatively in my former position but also financially.  My salary was capped with no reward for ingenuity or ideas.  Sure I’d get raises here and there along the way, but was i really willing to allow those people to place a monetary value on my financial worth?

For me the only answer was…HELL NO!

So I stepped away from my comfort zone once again.  After previous not so successful ventures all i can say is that this one was the most scary for me.  With a 6 year old child, a mortgage, looming student loans and a car payment, I couldn’t be in a worse position to take on the self starter role.

What i’ve done is dedicated myself to my cause and to my purpose.  I’m making this work no matter what.  I’m the only one responsible for anything that happens within my business.

Shortcomings and beyond, it all falls back on me no matter what.  I’m bound and determined to make it all happen.  Why?  Because i’ve laid out a plan for success.  That plan includes longterm and short term goals.  Ones I will be striving to reach today.

Shooting for the stars  by setting high goals and expectations for myself.  Maybe I fall a little short of those goals.  Maybe not.  B ut if you shoot for the stars and fall short, you still wind up on the moon.


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